Mudanzas FELTRERO offers experience and professionalism, backed by over 50 years of work.

Relocations and removals are considered as a significant source of stress because they require a lot of time, organization and patience; To be effective, it should be made with a rigorous methodology.

In moving we must take care of the amount of material that is going to be moved, conditions of departure and arrival places, necessary means for the relocation and time involved. All this should be considered when requesting and accepting an estimate.

We can make estimates based on hours or completely closed. In first case, if the moving is small, you can contact us by phone and we will give you an estimate of the cost.

However, if the relocation involves a high workload, do not hesitate to request a closed written budget that includes everything. We will visit you at home to make a budget that meets your specific needs

When hiring a moving company, you should consider the following issues, for your safety and peacefulness:

 - Make sure that is a legally constituted company.

 - Ensure that they have facilities and physical address.

 - Rate positively belonging to removal associations or federations.

These aspects shall indicate that you will be working with a serious, reliable and trustworthy company.